The Friday Five: 12/8/17

Happy Friday!  I hope you have had an amazing week! Things are starting to feel more festive around here as we finally got our apartment decorated with some lights and our little tree. We have also been finishing up our Christmas shopping. This year we are doing a local/homemade gift exchange with our family so we have been finding some great Utah-made products at farmers’ markets to send them.

Be on the lookout for my gastroparesis-friendly gift guide post next week if you need last minute gift ideas for family members with gastroparesis or if you need ideas for your own Christmas list!

Here’s what I am loving this week:

Vermont Maple Ginger tea:

maple ginger tea

I always have ginger tea on hand for mornings that my stomach feels off or to sip after I eat too much. I recently found this yummy tea by Celestial Seasonings which has all of the ginger goodness but is mellowed out by the maple flavor. If you find that regular ginger tea is too strong for you, try this one!

The Mind-Gut Connection:

mind gut connection

I posted that I checked out this book at the library on Instagram last week, and I feel that it is a must read!  Whether you have gastroparesis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, etc., this book will make you think about the way you think. I am only on chapter 3, but here are a couple of the interesting things I have found so far:

  • If you are afraid, your stomach contractions decrease but your intestinal contractions increase. If you are sad, both stomach and intestinal contractions decrease.
  • If you are at a restaurant and have an argument with a spouse or a friend, your emotions can make your normal gut functions turn off and you may end up in digestive distress. Even if you were to go back to the same restaurant and have a pleasant experience, you could still have a bad gut reaction just from the memories of the argument you had last time.

Tara Stiles yoga:

tara stiles yoga

I don’t do yoga as often as I used to, but this week I got back to doing free YouTube videos by Tara Stiles.  I enjoy that many of her videos are short so you can fit them in whenever you have time. She has videos that are specifically for digestion but I also like her morning routines.

Hamilton Beach slow cooker:

slow cooker

Slow cookers might be one of the best inventions ever. I love that I can throw dinner in in the morning and it is ready by the end of the day. I have used it three times already this week. My favorite thing about this slow cooker is that it has a timer on it. You set the temperature and the cook time and when it reaches that time, it will flip over to a warm setting, keeping the food warm until you are ready to eat but not overcooking it.

Flowy Stitch Fix shirt:

If your symptoms are anything like mine, you can end up pretty bloated after eating. I decided to give Stitch Fix a try because I struggle to find clothes that fit my 5’2″ frame, and ended up with this flowy shirt by fun 2 fun. It is not something that I would have probably ever picked out for myself, but I like it! It is comfy and helps disguise a bloated tummy. Unfortunately the other four pieces of clothing they sent me were too big so I sent them back. I honestly loved the style of everything which made it a bummer, but I think I will give it another try sometime in January.

Have a great weekend!


Question of the day:

What are you loving this week?

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